Another sequence of therapeutic exercises to improve the dexterity and flexibility of your hands and fingers and increase the blood flow and circulation. This routine includes wrist flexion, extension, pronation and supination, finger stretches and a hand massage… what’s not to love!!!

Standing Flow

This is a complimentary routine to the seated flow where we mobilise and stretch on our breath from standing, which means we can include scoops and roll downs to increase blood flow and circulation.

Happy Hands

Our hands get stressed through every day activity and can feel really stiff and achy. Even though we are increasing our activity levels and thinking about our health and well-being, we do still tend to neglect our hands and our feet!

Happy Feet

We are usually on our feet a lot throughout the day, even if just around the house, never mind activities such as walking, dancing or running. We squeeze our feet into trainers, boots and high heeled shoes and often tend to neglect the well-being of our feet and hands.


Throughout our Pilates practice, these are the 6 principles that I love to work with. BREATH, CONCENTRATION, CENTRING, CONTROL, PRECISION AND FLOW,  in addition  with BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY and MIND-BODY CONNECTION, which for me seem to create a fully integrated Pilates, mindfulness and wellness experience