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Angi Ward Pilates

I have been a fitness professional for over 25 years and initially trained as a pilates instructor with Michael King at the Pilates Institute, London. My passion led me to re-certify as a Level 3 instructor several years later. I am also a Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Pilates Instructor and welcome both pre and postnatal students into my classes.

My belief is that we are forever learning and I believe in the importance of continually updating my training to give the best experience to all of my students.

As an instructor, my aim is to help my students increase body awareness, understand the importance of good technique and improve alignment and posture. I reference the Original 34 Moves but I actively encourage my students to experiment with modifications and variations to help them as individuals to achieve their goals. I have a passionate interest in the concept of Pilates re-balancing us, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.


Karen J

Karen J

I like the way you structure your classes; the way you layer up the exercises, you explain everything well, your voice is ‘mellow’, (I couldn’t think of another word) you are fun, (even during lockdown when we aren’t in the same room). Again even on Zoom you are watching and helping us improve an exercise. I like your holistic approach bringing in all aspects of wellbeing. I like your emails it is a good way of communicating with you and understanding your thoughts for the forth coming week which brings me to the fact that your classes are well planned and thought through, oh and I like Chip!!

Lesley L

Lesley L

Your classes set me up for the day and I have a sense of achievement when I persevere, even when I want to rest. I love the options and always try and push myself but know that I can go down a level if it’s too much.

I also love the detail and information you give to the moves and their relevance.

I am definitely benefiting both mentally and physically, my core strength has improved as has my posture.

I really appreciate your being there with your positivity, enthusiasm and knowledge.

Thank you and especially for the last year



I just wanted to say a proper “Thank you” for massively stepping up to the plate very quickly at the start of this year. The classes flowed seamlessly from hall to online, and you've been keeping ahead of the game ever since….. and I hasten to add it’s always good and fun and interesting. Your regular e-mails with the all-important links are always readily available at the top of our inboxes…..

So to end as I started, thank you very, very much for everything, for all your hard work and for keeping us all “together", it’s very much appreciated

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Become a member of Angi Ward Pilates and have access to a whole library of useful videos, recipes, blogs, tips and information


If you persistently feel tired or have low energy levels, if the strategies I’ve set out below or the energizing Pilates routine and breath practice don’t seem to help, perhaps think about scheduling yourself an appointment for a well-woman or well-man check-up.

Energy Balls

together nicely add a small drop of water or milk of your choice (see below).Break off into small pieces and roll in the palm of your hand to make small energy balls.

Happy Hands

Our hands get stressed through every day activity and can feel really stiff and achy. Even though we are increasing our activity levels and thinking about our health and well-being, we do still tend to neglect our hands and our feet!

Happy Feet

We are usually on our feet a lot throughout the day, even if just around the house, never mind activities such as walking, dancing or running. We squeeze our feet into trainers, boots and high heeled shoes and often tend to neglect the well-being of our feet and hands.


Lots of different factors contribute to tiredness in the day including significant stress at work, stress at home and family issues, poor diet, lack of sleep and either exercising too little OR too much.


Throughout our Pilates practice, these are the 6 principles that I love to work with. BREATH, CONCENTRATION, CENTRING, CONTROL, PRECISION AND FLOW,  in addition  with BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY and MIND-BODY CONNECTION, which for me seem to create a fully integrated Pilates, mindfulness and wellness experience


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MondayPilates9.30am & 5.30pm£8
TuesdayBody Conditioning8.20-8.50am£5
Pilates9.30am & 6.00pm£8
WednesdayPilates9.30am & 5.30pm£8
ThursdayPower Pilates8.20-8.50am£8
SaturdaySaturday Stretch9.30am£8
If you would like to join 3 or more sessions a week I offer a multiple class discount rate of £7 per class.


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