Pilates is my absolute passion, and my aim is to support and encourage everyone to move their bodies and exercise with confidence, knowing you are being offered expert guidance, adaptations and modifications which will ensure you are not only exercising safely, but you are reaching your health, wellness and exercise goals. 

My classes are in the Studio as well as Online.

To join me on Zoom all you have to do is download zoom.us and message me which sessions you would like to join. I will then send you payment details and the invitation links. Make sure you have a safe space to work in and roll out your Pilates mat.

I also teach regular Pilates classes in the Studio, at The Yoga Shed in Wickham and The Methodist Hall in Swanmore, offering you in person classes, advice and help where you need it most.

Throughout the summer (weather depending) I teach my Thursday evening class at 5.30pm in the garden at home – Paddock Wood Retreat in Swanmore and I would love you to join me. 
Please message me to book

The Yoga Shed Wickham

Pilates timetable at the Yoga Shed Wickham
Mondays at 10:45 am AND 12 -1pm
Wednesdays at 11am and 12:15 pm
Thursdays at 10:45 am

The Methodist Hall, Swanmore

Thursdays at 5:30pm

A permanent place in a class is £45 per month

Weekly class fee is £12pp

ZOOM Pilates Timetable

Monday Pilates 9am£9
TuesdayBody Conditioning8.20-8.50am£6
Pilates 9.30am £9
WednesdayPilates9.30am & 5.30pm£9
ThursdayPower Pilates8.20-8.50am£6
Pilates9am £9
FridayMindful Movement8.30 – 9am£6
SaturdaySaturday Stretch9.30am£9